Quilts for Kids, MITCH teaming up

MARTINS?FERRY – National nonprofit organization Quilts for Kids distributes comfort quilts to children with serious or life threatening illnesses through a huge network of volunteers. Candy Calvert founded a Quilts for Kids chapter in St Clairsville, OH after her own child had open heart surgery in 2010. “I read about Quilts for Kids in a magazine, and after sending in a few quilts I made, I was drawn to the idea of founding a local chapter. I thought it would be the perfect way to reach children in our community that need comfort while dealing with an illness or disease,” explains Candy Calvert.

The first meeting of the St Clairsville Quilts for Kids chapter took place on January 15th at MITCH Collective where a small gathering of people learned about machine piecing and quilting. All materials were donated or purchased through fundraising. The participants only had to provide a sewing machine or borrow one of MITCH Collective’s machines.

“It’s great to put our donated sewing machines to good use and teach community members about quilting,” beams MITCH Collective Co-Founder and Director Siena Baldi. “Participants ranged from 20s through 60s and we had a great time!”

The four quilts created during the workshop will be designated to local children.

Most children with serious or life threatening illnesses are transferred to surrounding area hospitals.

If you have information about a local child in need please contact candycalvertqfk@yahoo.com. To stay informed about future meetings of the Quilts for Kids Chapter and other events, send an email to info@mitchcollective.org to be added to the online newsletter. We can make a difference – one stitch at a time!

About MITCH Collective

MITCH Collective is located at 501 N 7th St in Martins Ferry. Founded in 2011, MITCH Collective is a 501c3 art nonprofit that offers artist residencies, workshops, studio space, and community activities through partnerships with organizations on both sides of the Ohio River. June 2013 will bring an exciting large-scale outdoor printing project called Insta-tangram to art festivals in Martins Ferry and Wheeling, W.Va. For more information, visit www.mitchcollective.org