Bridgeport BPA eyes efficiency

THE BRIDGEPORT Board of Trustees of Public Affairs convened recently to discuss the state of operations.

While everything at the current time is running smoothly, the board continues to look for ways to improve efficiency and quality.

Superintendent Jim Zorbini began the session pointing out the recent pick up in small companies purchasing and loading trucks from the village, bringing in an extra $1,100 just this past month.

Zorbini stated the department would be looking into applying for grant programs to invest into upgrades for the systems. One grant would enable the purchase of new testing equipment, including scales and meters to better gauge many of the intricate aspects necessary to provide water services.

The second possible grant is driven towards valve and hydrant systems to better prepare for emergency situations, which could prove to increase the stability of flow and pressure when demanded in times of need.

Also discussed were orders handed down by the EPA, after one of the routine interval inspections that is mandated to occur for each water system. As a result, the EPA has placed two minor orders for department protocols be tidied up a bit. No major violations were found in the report, meaning no unsafe conditions are present at this time. The board will draw up plans to create resolutions for these orders in a timely fashion.

In other improvements, Zorbini has recently brought in a third party to come in and inspect the status of the well fields utilized by the village water system.

While five wells are incorporated, two pumps within these wells will need attention as normal wear and tear has decreased the output of them. This will be an ongoing process in the upcoming months, as the board collaborates to come up with a timeline that is financially feasible. In the meantime, no negative effects will be had from these wells. It is simply a matter of efficiency and stability of incoming water sources.

The Water Department window housed within the Bridgeport Village municipal will be changing its hours. The new hours will be from 7am to 3pm Monday thru Friday. The window will be closed from 11:30am to 12:30pm each of these days. The new hours are set to begin in April