Harrison officials get CEAO report

CADIZ – Harrison County Commissioners met Wednesday with Doug Crabtree, representing the county engineer’s office. Crabtree presented the board with the County Engineers Association of Ohio legislative program for the 130th Ohio General Assembly.

Among the priority legislative issues highlighted Crabtree pointed out to commissioners that the CEAO would be seeking legislation to transfer the jurisdiction for issuing of road right-of-way construction, access permits and permits for oversize overweight vehicles from the county commissioners where it presently falls to the county engineer.

“Because of the engineering, design and safety considerations, that duty should be under the county engineer,” was stated as the reasoning, according to the CEAO literature presented to the board.

The CEAO is also requesting that all bridge construction fall under the “just build” process to save months of programming and reduce the overall cost of substandard bridges.

The engineer’s office also supports the OUPS legislation allowing the public agency owning the right-of-way to maintain the control of its designated use.

Crabtree said that the state engineers also would like to extend load limits which are currently limited to bridges to county roads. The engineers could restrict specific roadways after a completion of an engineering analysis and create specific haul routes for cargo that would be designated detrimental to local highways.

The CEAO is also requesting that all overweight fines be credited to maintenance and repair of roadways, bridges and culverts.

The board noted that many of these legislative priority issues were related to the shale gas boom, particularly the request that counties be allowed to charge impact fees for infrastructure requirements needed as a result of commercial, residential and agricultural developments.

Crabtree also presented the 14th road use agreement for 2013 allowing Chesapeake Exploration to use four miles of CR 17 for ingress and egress of the Kuhn well site.

Commissioner Dale Norris asked if the company planned to pave the section of highway as they had done on the other end of CR 17. Crabtree said he was not sure of the specifics of the agreement with County Engineer Rob Sterling but would check on the specifics.

The board approved the agreement.

In other business: Scott Blackburn asked the board to approve two appointments for board vacancies. Clifford Harmon was appointed to the Workforce Investment Board and Dan Gichevski to the Youth Board. Both terms will expire Jan. 31 of 2014.

The board also approved an appropriation request for $4,400 into H050-H06 WIA Fund for DJFS.

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