Polling Site


In Sunday, Feb. 24 The Times Leader had an article regarding the polling places in Martins Ferry. The new place is located in the Industrial Park. I have no problem with the building layout. It is a good one with plenty of parking and handicap accessibility. I do not have a problem with the Election Board in trying to find the perfect place, but I do have a problem with trying to get to the building to vote. In Martins Ferry there are many, many senior citizens who have made it their annual trek to the polling places to vote. Walking is an amazing thing. Now what happens when Senior Citizens want to vote and have to cross Route 7 and a busy set of railroad tracks. If there are any Senior Citizens that decide to walk and cross Route 7, and get hurt or killed I would be very upset. This intersection is one of the most dangerous intersections in the State of Ohio.

In my mind the Belmont County Commissioners, in their infamous wisdom, had something to do with this decision. Not through the Election Board, but through the selling of South School, the perfect polling place in Martins Ferry. South School was sold because it did not fit into the Commissioners long range plans and as one Commissioner told me, we do not want another Mediterranean.

Now, if on Election Day, citizens be they Seniors or not walk across Route 7 to vote, will the Belmont County Commissioners feel a real responsibility for the actions taken?

Phil Wallace

Martins Ferry