Spirit of Goodwill

IT WAS a time of celebration Tuesday night in Maynard. Heroism, generosity and caring about people in need all came to the forefront.

A family who lost their home in a January fire received a nice financial shot-in-the-arm. Meanwhile, the woman responsible for the family escaping safely from the blaze was also honored.

The Dopkiss family lost their home in a fire Jan. 27. Delores Shinkarow is their neighbor. It was her quick reaction that prevented the tragedy from claiming the family’s lives.

At about 11:30 that night, Shinkarow fortunately looked out her window and saw her neighbors’ house engulfed in flames. She immediately ran to the house, shouting to wake the family.

When firefighters from Maynard, Barton and Harrisville arrived, they saw the house could not be saved and they could only keep the fire from spreading. The state fire marshal, after his probe, noted that a delay of five more minutes would likely have resulted in the deaths of all three.

Shinkarow is truly a hero for her deeds.

While the family survived, it did so at a costly price, losing their home and many of their possessions. That blow was cushioned somewhat by the kindness exhibited by two entities.

The Maynard Fire Department and Sportsmen’s Club presented a check Tuesday night for nearly $8,000 to the Dopkiss family. Such a donation reinforces our belief that Ohio Valley residents always come to the aid to those in need.

Shinkarow, meanwhile, was presented with the Good Neighbor Award by the fire department, an honor she richly deserves. She was the ultimate good neighbor, cast in the role of life saver.

Kelly Dopkiss, one of the fire survivors, said, “She’s our angel.” She is joined by a community filled with huge-hearted individuals.

The generosity displayed by the Maynard Fire Department and Sportsmen’s Club is quite admirable. The community’s goodwill doesn’t stop there, as Maynard residents have rushed to the Dopkiss family with support.

The Dopkiss family in experiencing tough times.

But thanks to Shinkarow’s heroism and undying support and love from the Maynard community, they have a chance for a new start.