Bellaire pay scale put in place


Times Leader News Editor

BELLAIRE Village council finally has its pay scale in place for its part-time employees.

Council members passed an ordinance Thursday outlining the wages and stipulations associated with part-time, temporary and substitute employees within the village. The legislation, however, does not include part-time officers on the police department.

General part-time employees will be compensated $10 per hour while those possessing a CDL or any other certification or license for their position will make $12 per hour. These positions are allowed up to 39 hours per week and do not accrue any benefits.

Temporary employees can work up to 90 working days in a calendar year. Substitute employees are workers filling in for regular employees who have the right of ‘return to work.’

Any hours logged as a substitute worker will not count toward a probationary period. They are generally disallowed from working more than 30 concurrent days.

The ordinance passed 6-0.

Councilman Jerry Fisher again reminded council about the village’s ordinance pertaining to trailers within village limits and how, as of yet, nothing has bee done about the increasing number of trailers in town.

There is one being utilized by a downtown business, along with others in town.

“We squawk about it but don’t do anything. They are not allowed to have trailers within village limits and someone needs to get a letter to these people saying you have so long to move these, if not, we’ll bring you in and fine you,” Fisher said. “It specifies in the ordinance what you can do but we don’t do anything.”

Marling noted that this will be discussed at the upcoming property committee meeting to see what can be done.

Councilman Jim Williams explained he was approached by a member of the Great Stone Viaduct Society about having a representative from the Ohio Historical Society’s preservation office come in and talk with the society about the viaduct and discuss the group and village’s plans and talk about any possible grants available. Marling suggested that since the next meeting has a full agenda already that the representative come to the April 4 meeting of council.

The Bellaire Police Department issued 337 parking tickets in February and 26 tickets for illegal parking. Collections totaled $593 and $230 for illegal parking. General arrests totaled eight for the month, along with 23 arrests on outstanding warrants. A total of 51 incidents were logged using the officer’s toolkit.

Council approved a request from the Bellaire Citizens for the School Levy group, which asked permission to post banners asking for support of the upcoming $8.25 mill levy. One will be placed on Belmont St. and possibly another in the village park. That was approved 6-0.

The next meeting of Bellaire village council is Thursday, March 21 at 6 p.m.

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