Recent events have compelled me to write this open letter to anyone in favor of gun control and gun bans. When our Founding Fathers added the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States they were thinking of YOU. Of your personal liberties and freedom. They spent a great deal of their lives, and suffered great losses, fighting a tyrannical government. These men were brave and loyal to their beliefs. So much so that they were willing to die rather than live under the thumb of a monarchy. I understand that this was over 200 years ago but the only thing that has truly changed since then is our attitude and the fact that we have always enjoyed the fruits of their labor.

This nation has fought many wars and been involved in many conflicts to protect our way of life. Unfortunately, it seems as though now the greatest threat to our rights is not coming from a hostile foreign government or religious group, but rather our own Federal Government. Employees of the people – remember? These people have decided that since they have attained a position of power through our vote that they have the right and privilege to decide what is best for all without asking us what we want.

The truth of the matter is there are no tests or mandatory credentials for most of these elected seats. These people are not always qualified and, I fear, are often grossly under-qualified. They are hand-picked by large corporations and funded by back door dealings that “WE THE PEOPLE” were not privy to. They are simply puppets for the elite among us. Money and greed have come to rule over our great nation and the will of the people means nothing.

Gone are the days of honor and common sense. This brings me back to the issue of gun control. If any of you feel that gun control is the way to curb gun violence, then I fear that you are going to be very disappointed with the results of what you are supporting. Taking away law abiding citizens rights to keep and bear arms as a last line of defense will only make things worse. To think that a ban on guns, or any weapons for that matter, will remove them from society is nonsense, plain and simple. We all know too well that if you are driven enough and have the funds, you can get whatever you want. Just look at our Government for proof of that. So, when you, the gun control supporter, are faced with the reality of the Federal Government illegally taking away your guns along with your 2nd Amendment rights, what then? What happens when this same Federal Government shows up at your doorstep demanding money, forced labor and forfeiture of your possessions? What then? You will have no choice but to give them what they want. Fighting for your rights will no longer be an option. For the record, I am a gun owner. Not a fanatic, just a hobbyist that enjoys spending time sharing this interest with my sons.

Another point that I would like to make is that it’s my belief that guns are not truly the issue here and that you, the gun control supporter, are being duped. The true issue here is Federal Government power and greed. If ordinary citizens are trained and armed, then they possess power. The Federal Government would like to possess ultimate power over the people in order to pursue their interests freely. This issue affects the gun control supporter as much as the gun control denouncer. If tyrants see that they can take over our lives and destroy our way of living, they will not stop at guns.

So, in closing, if gun control and banning of certain firearms seems like a good idea to you then perhaps you need to do some research and see how the loss of rights has worked out for people in the past. If you are for gun control, I support your right to speak out and have your opinion heard, but for the sake of the country I hope that if you get what you want, we don’t live to regret it.


Daniel K. Farmer