Goodman employs the Top 5 realtors

WHEELING – Harvey Goodman Realtor recently honored its realtors with a brunch at Wheeling’s Oglebay Park, Wilson Lodge.

John Sambuco, broker at Harvey Goodman Realtor, began the award ceremony by saying, “Extraordinary. Once again, you surpassed a milestone.

“In 2011, we broke through the $50,000,000 sales barrier for the first time in company history. In 2012, we not only broke through $60,000,000 but nearly broke through $70,000,000, falling short by just $2.7 million.”

Sambuco issued congratulations to his support staff, stating they make everyone more professional.

He thanked: Patricia Bruhn, Mary Goudy, Beth Francis, Sue McKitrick, Melissa Porter, Jackie Adams, Karen Filburn, Amber Kralovick, Jomanna Krupinski, Jamie Vinskovich, Krystal LaRose, Kathy Doty and Christine Knight.

“We have been so blessed to hire the best support team in the business,” Sambuco said.

“Our Belmont County team not only sold more than all our competitors combined, you sold over four times the homes of our nearest competitor. If a home sold, chances were you sold it.”

Ohio market award winners included:

  • Karen DeRosa: DeRosa again earned the top spot for the Ohio market for the fifth year in a row, achieving first place in sales volume with $6,666,700 in sales from 71 closings.
  • Laney Ross: Ross was awarded second place in the Ohio market for sales volume with $5,494,216 ins ales from 88 Ohio closings. Ross added eight additional closings in Goodman’s West Virginia market for a total of 96 closings continuing a streak of No. 1 ranking in unit sales that began in 2003.
  • Scott Conners: Conners accepted the third place Ohio market award for sales volume with $4,866,500 in sales from 57 Ohio closings and added an additional 15 closings in West Virginia for a total of 72 closings.

Sambuco commented during the awards that this sales team worked together on more closings than any in the history of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

It was extraordinary that of the top five agents in Belmont County, all five work at Harvey Goodman.

‘Top 5’ awards were handed out to DeRosa, Ross, Connors, Heidi Riley and Rosalie Gray.

Sambuco continued the sales awards for Top 10 achievement. In 2012, of the top 10 agents in Belmont County, eight work at Harvey Goodman Realtor.

Earning plaques for achieveing the Top 10 awards were to John Sambuco, Anna Smith and Jennifer Ackerman.

Sambuco added, but when having a record year like last year, you should be acknowledged for all your hard work and effort, especially when the Top 25 agents in Belmont County, 16 of them work at Harvey Goodman.

Receiving Top 25 awards were: Maria Reynolds, David Major, Stacy Ackerman, Lila Murphy, Ed Eberhart, Kathy Osovich, Cheryl Smith and Lori Tickhill.

Additionally, in the West Virginia market, Carl Nix earned the top spot in sales volume with 23 closings and $1,370,000 in sales. Jean Ann Larese was second with 16 closings and $1,291,250 in sales and the team of Bill Miller and Teri Cunningham took home third place with 16 closings and sales of $1,277,625.

Harvey Goodman Realtor serves the Ohio Valley with four offices which are located in: Martins Ferry, St. Clairsville, Barnesville and Wheeling, as well as through its website at