Tragic Lessons

JUDGE THOMAS Lipps has ruled.

After four days of exhaustive, graphic and often times emotional testimony, Judge Lipps Sunday morning rendered delinquency (guilty) verdicts against two Steubenville High School students.

One defendant was sentenced to at least one year in a juvenile detention center while the other was sentenced to at least two years. They were credited with time already served.

The trial verdicts and subsequent sentencings have been highly anticipated since the disturbing case unfolded way back in August. It has turned a proud and blue-collar city into one embroiled in turmoil.

One of Steubenville’s pride and joys is its Big Red football team. To have two of its most talented players stand trial on rape charges can obviously divide a community, as was the case.

Judge Lipps’ ruling is not the end of this ordeal. Rather, many more legal avenues will likely be be traveled.

More charges may come down the pike. A grand jury session in April will help determine that.

Civil lawsuits also loom. And will the head coach of that high school football machine face consequences after being mentioned in possible damaging testimony?

Time is a great healer and Steubenville is a community in need of such.

But the case is only partially resolved.

Many more questions need asked by investigators. Answers to which will help shape the recovery process.

If any positive comes from the Steubenville teen rape trial it would be two lessons can be learned. Those being: Alcohol in the hands of teens is a recipe for problems and parents need to raise their children with tough love.