District recalls two workers

WOODSFIELD – The Switzerland of Ohio Local School Board recalled two employees off the recall list. Frank Smithberger and Terry McKee as cleaning personnel for two of the schools.

“I would like to clarify something for the public, we have been hearing rumors that we are going to buy out teachers and give them super severance,” said board president Ronald Winkler. “This board is in no way of doing that and also with the concensus of the board that people are asking to retire and be hired and that is not going to happen, just to clarify.”

The board took this time to address some of the other issues that have been floating around the district. Some of these rumors include new Beallsville school was sold and will be used as a correction facility and Powhatan Elementary will be sold in two years.

“Absolutely no discussion by the board to sell any of the new buildings. Obviously, if the levy passes, no building will be closed,” said District Treasurer Lance Erlwein. “If the levy doesn’t pass, then Phase II and III cuts will only keep us in the black for three or four years. At that time the board will be forced to consider additional cuts , which may include building closures.

“That is something that will board will consider only if we can not secure other revenues.”

The board will put a 6.44 mil levy on the upcoming ballot. The passage of this levy will secure multiple teaching positions as well as several academic programs.

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