Dear Editor,

On March 20, the lady from Cadiz had a very good article about the integrity of President Obama.

History repeats itself! Most of you do not know what Hitler did in Europe in 1930’s. Obama and his followers are on a parrell path. Hitler took guns from people in several countries in Europe, i.e. Poland. Then his troops went in and took over. Any opposition was placed in concentration camps where a lot of them died from malnutrition and disease or executions. Ask any Jew that you know about the mass slaughter in shooting, gas chambers, mass graves, etc. All you have to do is get a book about World War II and 10 years before to see the same path that Obama, Polusi, Schumer, Finestein and others that want to take your guns and leave you defenseless are taking.

The United States won our freedom from England by using guns. We and our allies defeated: Hitler, Musolini, Horketo by using guns. How can we protect ourselves and families if we do not have guns?

How many of our elected officials are protected with guns, but you are not allowed to have to protect yourself or your family?

Contact your “Rep” and tell them to prosecute the criminals and not law abiding citizens, have Medical Community better control over mentally ill people, thus letting us keep our guns for: self-protection, sports with guns.

We had an incident here 2 1/2 years ago about a theft. It took our local police four to five minutes to respond.

I was working in Cleveland, Ohio in 1954. A man tried to break into our apartment. We called the police and we are still waiting on them to come. So where is the fast response that we are told we have by not needing a gun but just call the law?

Sincerely yours,

Howard Davis