Dear Editor,

I was undecided on writing this letter. I thought I would mind my own business and not get involved. How SAD it would be if any of us always decided to not get involved. This is what happend in Steubenville, Ohio, here of the late. Folks DECIDED to not get involved. I’m sorry people, but you are involved. All of us are involved. Every red blooded American in the United States of America is involved.

You say it’s none of your BUSINESS, I don’t care. Well let me say this, “YOU BETTER CARE!” This is our nation, this is our country, this is our children and grandchildren and our whole existence. I feel so bad for all who were involved. If this happend to my granddaughter, I would be crazy with grief and sorrow as they well should be. Everyone is pointing fingers at each other. Blame and accusation is being flung in all directions and fear, anger and resentment are the daily norm. No one is really looking at the REAL problem and what brought this all on to being with.

“ALCOHOL”, the most evil of evils. I read in New York where they are tyring to limit large soft drinks and today I read where they want to pass a law to HIDE TOBACCO from view, thinking this will help our youth in some form. Sometimes I feel Forrest Gump is smarter than all of us. Alcohol is BIG BUSINESS!

So was the tobacco industry and yet we stopped them in their tracks. Some say prohibition didn’t work. Well, that was THEN, and this is NOW. I have watched friend after friend, relative after relative, suffer from the effects of ALCOHOL. I’ve seen woman after woman with black eyes and scars. I’ve been to funeral after funeral. Our prisons are full of people who abuse ALCOHOL.

Don’t YOU think it’s TIME to make it our BUSINESS to get involved?

Several years ago I found this article in a newspaper and I wrote it down so I would remember – “QUOTE”

“Whisky is a great and monstrous evil and has reared a high mound of bones. So now all must say: I will use it nevermore. The married should live together and children should grow from them. Man and wife should rear their children well, love them and keep them in health. Love one another and do not strive for another’s undoing. Even as you desire good treatment, so render it.”

This was written 212 years ago by a Seneca chief by the name of “Handsome Lake” in 1799. He was warning his people of the effects of alcohol. I have nothing against the people who make, serve or sell alcohol or the people who sell tobacco and large soft drinks, but when our soceity becomes so IGNORANT and FOOLISH and BLIND to what’s happening to our youth and MONEY and PROFIT and our economy becomes more important than our children; then, I believe FORREST GUMP would make a much better leader for all of us. Make it YOUR BUSINESS to get involved in your kids life.

God Bless Our Nation

Richard Lucas