Book thrown at Pyles

ST. CLAIRSVILLE Michael Coury Pyles, 25, 429 Annadale Avenue, Moundsville, will serve the maximum sentence for three felony level property crimes. He had pleaded guilty to one count burglary and one count safecracking, felonies of the fourth degree, and one count theft, a felony of the fifth degree, occurring Feb. 28, 2012. He had violated his prior community control sanctions when committing these crimes.

He will serve 18 months for each fourth degree count and 12 months for the fifth degree theft. The sentences will be served consecutively for a maximum of 48 months. In matters of restitution, $1,100 was ordered.

He will also face charges in West Virginia on the accusations of burglary and grand larceny.

One of the victims chose to speak at the sentencing. He related the lasting harm done to their household by Pyles’ crimes.

“The impact you’ve had on my family has been more than any one person should have,” he said, speaking of their vanished sense of security and the loss of treasured keepsakes. In addition, he is plagued by the knowledge that not all of his stolen guns were recovered. “For the rest of my life I’ll think about those guns and who they may kill.”

Defense asked Solovan to consider Pyles history of substance abuse and depression. Pyles apologized, but claimed the victims had some fault in supplying him with prescription drugs.

Solovan related Pyles extensive juvenile and adult record, which included theft, assault and drug offenses. He said Pyles had demonstrated recklessness and an escalating pattern of those offenses with a lack of genuine remorse. He added that the crimes were further exacerbated by the violation of the victims’ trust. Further, Pyles tested positive for drugs while awaiting sentencing.

“You have no remorse. You have no concern for anyone except yourself.”

David Floyd Clemons, 50, incarcerated, was designated a sexual predator. Clemons will be subject to a lifetime registry every 90 days.

Solovan noted that two children ages five and 14 at the time were sexually abused on 10 separate occasions beginning 1998, in two counts rape and eight counts corruption of a minor. Solovan noted the violation of trust involved in the crimes, the great age difference, and Clemons’ deceptive, manipulative and cruel threats of violence to compel his victims’ silence.

“The extent and substance of their suffering is undeterminable, but serious harm to each of them is presumed.”

Racardo Maurice Smith, 22, 2309 Eoff St., Wheeling, was sentenced on a count of aggravated assault, a felony of the fourth degree occurring Aug. 25, 2012. He will serve 12 months, concurrent with a pending sentence on two counts trafficking in drugs Monday.

“You can’t go around solving your problems in life by using violence,” Solovan said. “I don’t want to see you in this courtroom again, especially for a crime of violence.”

Solovan also conducted two arraignments.

John Robert Ramser, 52, 226 Highland Avenue, Wheeling, pleaded not guilty to one count domestic violence with two prior convictions, a felony of the third degree occurring March 3, 2013. Plea agreement deadline was set for April 26, with trial May 7. A temporary protection order was sustained and bond of $75,000 was continued. He faces a maximum of 36 months.

Kaprice Russell, 25, serving two-year sentence in West Virginia, pleaded not guilty to trafficking in less than five grams of cocaine, a felony of the fifth degree occurring March 1, 2011. Plea agreement was set for April 26, with trial May 16.

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