Bridgeport council holds two moments of silence

BRIDGEPORT – Village council held a moment of silence at the beginning of Tuesday’s meeting to honor the three Looby children killed in the March 17 fire.

That was followed by a moment of silence for Charlie A. Wilson, who died this week. Wilson, a well-known politician and prominent businessman, brought much attention and progress to the town in which he came from over the years.

Wilson served tenures in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Ohio Legislature. The Village of Bridgeport has dedicated the rest of April in his honor. Flags were immediately dropped to half staff soon after word of his passing.

In other action, as the spring weather makes its way in the area, a couple of projects are being organized to help keep the village moving forward.

In addition to the planned demolition of several vacant properties in the area, a grant is now being applied for to help fund these demotions. This CDBG funding is distributed by the commissioners. At this time, properties are being selected and the application for the supplementary funding will be submitted on May 10.

Two other areas are also being closely looked at – one being the Kirkwood Heights slip in between Scott’s Lane and Grandview Avenue. After being repaired some years back, the road continues to move slowly, causing sinking and cracks of the guardrail and storm grates.

The culvert on Stop 9 will also be getting some attention in the coming months, although this project will need to be completed by a third party, as the village does not have access to the appropriate equipment.

In coming months, Police Chief Andy Klotz will begin with the initiative to encourage his officers to take a close look at the properties around the area which they patrol. If high grass or hazardous spots present themselves, addresses will be collected and given to personnel that will be designated in the future to follow up on these reports.

Discussions about the sanitation departments plan to purchase a packer or farm the garbage service out to a third party also continued with many points being reiterated by all parties. As of Tuesday night, no changes or new proposals had been made on the subject since previous months.

The annual spring cleanup will be taking place a month or so later. In previous years, notification was given on the water bills ,which has not been done yet this spring. Due to this fact, the village will be setting a date and printing it on water bills in the next billing cycle to confirm the dates. Residents are encouraged to pay attention in the future in anticipation of the cleanup week.

All bills and finances were read from previous months and accepted to be paid. Continuation of one temporary part-ime worker was also discussed but tabled to gather more information. Insurance plans for full-time employees were examined as they are each year before being renewed. The village is looking into these plans to ensure the most efficient and affordable coverage for all parties.

The next village council meeting is set to take place May 21.

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