Parkinson’s awareness events held

THE ST. Clairsville Elementary school held a pair of events to endorse Parkinson’s Awareness month this past week. Parkinson’s, which is a chronic and progressive movement disorder which worsens over time.

With nearly one million people in the United States living with this condition, one local educator wanted to get the word out to help fund further research for a cure or prevention. Since the actual cause is unknown, there is no cure and only medication can be given to minimize symptoms of it.

One local educator in the St. Clairsville school district set up the fundraising and awareness events with the goal of presenting funds to the Michael J. Fox foundation who actively supports Parkinson’s research.

The two events held were a Jean day and Spell-a-thon for the students. Most of the money raised was generated through the Spell-a-thon, which St. Clairsville Elementary teacher Josh Shutler organized.

“We really just wanted to take part in the meaning of this month, which is to raise awareness on this condition as if affects many of the people in and around our communities,” said Shutler.

“We received lots of support ranging from pledges, gift cards, and leadership from many different places, which is really great to see.” he continued.

The Spell-a-thon consisted of students from the Kindergarten through grade 4 receiving a list of words to study over the course of a couple week prior to the event. From there, each student was given spelling test with a chance to participate in the spelling bee.

The Bees were split into kindergarten and first grade together for the younger students, and second through fourth grades.

Students were also required to accumulated $25 dollars in pledges in combination with scoring 100% on the written spelling test.

Students who met both of the criteria were then qualified for their respective Bee. Shutler pointed out that over $3,000 was raised from the event. After purchasing prizes for the students, the St. Clairsville Elementary was able to donate around a very hefty $2800 to the Michael J. Fox foundation.

“I’m very happy with the participation and how well this event turned out. We couldn’t have done it without every single person involved.” Shutler added.

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