Garloch will review his book

BELLAIRE Rev. Jerry Garloch, Ph.D., from the Bellaire Christian Church is holding a book review for his debut novel “The Fatal Flaw: Atheism Against Itself.”

The review will be Sunday at 2 p.m. at the church on 3565 Belmont St.

Fatal Flaw makes some highly significant claims.

According to Garloch, the central claim is that one must appeal to God in order to deny God; and if this can be maintained, it will certainly constitute a fatal flaw.

For example, Garloch states that an atheist makes truth claims in regard to his world view, yet he has no base for truth. He pursues this supposed truth by means of reason; yet he has no base for reason.

“He denounces God and faith, but, again, he has no ultimate moral standard upon which to found such accusations,” Garloch said. “Under this scenario, even science cannot be considered his ally. It comes down to this: truth must be there to be discovered, reason must be there to do the discovering and morality must be there to guide the discoverer.

“All these find their foundation in God; therefore science too has its base in God.”

Garloch explained that what his book is trying to do is take away everything an atheist needs to make an argument. He noted that most books on apologetics try to defend against an atheists reasoning. An atheist makes an argument and an apologetic defends against those arguments.

“My book goes on the offense and requires an atheist to defend his positions,” Garloch said.

Recently published, Garloch’s book is available both online and at local book stores, including Christian book distributers.

The review is slated to begin at 2 p.m. Garloch estimates it will last an hour, with refreshments to follow. Garloch will also sign copies of his book.

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