There have been several letters here to promote the Bellaire School Levy. Even letters from children/students to bring out the guilt treatment.

The latest letter by a lady from Bellaire stated several excuses people have for not voting for the levy. The lady debunked those excuses, or at the very least we have her word they are false.

Anyway, I thought I’d put a few REASONS why I think the levy’s don’t pass.

There have been many stories stated in the paper and by Mr. Scott as to why th money is needed. I don’t think the people believe him anymore.

Other REASONS include and are not limited to: East Ohio Regional Water Authority has raised their monthly rates, American Electric Power, Columbia Gas, all food stores have raised their prices, Comcast, Bellaire Television Cable has raised their monthly fees.

Automobile fuel has stayed in the $3.50-$4 range. In the Village of Bellaire you have the Village income tax, the $3.00 street light fee, the $3 infrastructure fee.

All of this while the federal government is toying with the ideas of reducing the fees paid to doctors and hospitals from Medicare. Guess who will be making up the difference in this fee reduction, the reducing if not complete elimination of Social Security cost of living raises.

Then there are those who come up with stupid ideas of an extra $10 on license plate fees to pay for bridge and road repair. Wasn’t the economic stimulus supposed to do that back in 2009.

The problem is, people don’t know how much of their dollar is going to be taken away at any given time. The lady said that $10 a month wouldn’t hurt anyone. The lady also said that an alumni from the Class of 45 sent a $100 dollars to help with the expenses. Well then, let each of us give a one time fee of $100. By the way, the 1945 alumni doesn’t even live here in the valley.

Bottom line folks is this, you now have both sides of the coin or levy. Vote as your heart or pocket book permits.

Wayne Amos