License Fee Hike

Dear Editor,

I am sure none of you commissioners want to read this letter because I am absolutely not agreeing with any hike in fees for my license plate. I am paying plenty right now. If I had known about your meeting where this was discussed, I would have been there joining in with Ed Hood.

All of you, yes, starting with you, Mr. Bennett, need to understand that We Senior Citizens, do not get a raise every year or every six months like the working people.

Social Security does not think we need it and that our expenses never increase. Mr. Hood was right. Everything has increased in price. Comcast is never ending, electric, and yes, car insurance and homeowners insurance rates, and that is not because of claims I’ve filed. It’s because the company wants more money. Yes, tax increase with levies and I don’t want to forget grocery prices are always increasing. Social Security increases are to be forgotten. The last one we got back in January, I jokingly said to my sister, WOW I got so much I’ll have to open a new Account at the bank to handle it. And it is getting to be less and less, besides we went for three years with not even a penny increase. And now the President wants to reduce the inflation rate so we’ll get even less, if that is possible.

Belmont County has an awful lot of Senior Citizens, living here, so I suggest to you who want this increase to contact our great governor who has done absolutely nothing for us yet, and tell him to get your money from the STATE or the government. Anyplace except from the Seniors. We do not have it.

Nancy Wilson