Ferry pedestrian killed

MARTINS FERRY – A pedestrian is dead following an accident in the center part of town today.

According to Patrolman Aynsley Hildebrand, who was present at the time, an elderly man was crossing Zane Highway at the Hanover Street intersection when a truck stopped at Zane and turned right onto Hanover.

“There was a heavy flow of traffic,” Hildebrand said.

The pedestrian was struck and run over.

Two city workers with paramedic training happened to be on the scene. CPR was administered but the pedestrian was unresponsive.

An emergency squad was dispatched and transported him to the hospital where he was confirmed dead.

The driver was brought to the police department and interviewed. An investigation is ongoing and a full report will be sent to the prosecutor. As of now, the driver has not been charged.

The vehicle was impounded and BCI&I will dispatch a special investigating agent to examine it for evidence.

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