Ferry making more parking

MARTINS FERRY No business owner in downtown Martins Ferry is going to take up the space in front of his store that could be utilized by a paying customer.

Now the space in front of someone else’s store that’s a different story.

“It’s an ongoing problem,” Martins Ferry Mayor Paul Riethmiller explained.

The city is looking to do something about that.

A new parking lot is being paved in the gravel area in between the Pit Stop and the car wash on Hanover Street.

The lot will run the length of the space between Hanover and Carlisle streets and, once completed will house 23 parking spaces available for a small monthly fee.

“We’re hoping this will alleviate some people parking and tying up a meter all day,” Reithmiller said.

The mayor noted that it’s not uncommon for cars to sit in a spot all day and the owners continually paying the $2 per day parking ticket.

The spaces in the new off-street lot will be sold for $15 per month, an average of 50 cents per day.

The lot will be covered with a concrete surface. The spots will be lined off and numbered and those who’ve purchased a monthly space will receive a tag designated which spot is theirs.

Should someone illegally park in their space, the vehicle will be ticketed and towed.

That space is good all day, Monday through Sunday.

The mayor noted he’s heard some complaints about how there’s no off-street parking as the city’s lots are all full. He’s hoping this will ease some of those concerns.

Anyone interested in securing one of those spots is encouraged to call the utility office at the city building at (740) 633-6151 or stop by to inquire. Seven of the 23 spots have already been sold.

Riethmiller also noted the city sold the property behind the post office to the sheet metal workers, who are going to pave the lot and use it as a private lot for its employees.

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