Nursing Home Week under way

ST. CLAIRSVILLE Kicking off on Sunday, National Nursing Home Week is being celebrated this week across the United States.

First established in 1967 by the American Health Care Association, National Nursing Home Week is celebrated in effort to promote the relationships between nursing home residents, family members, staff and the community at large.

And it’s those relationships that are key, not only for the residents but also their families.

It’s a difficult task for anyone to admit that they need help.

For residents, they’ve been on their own and thriving since their late teens. They’ve likely had children and now grandchildren.

But as they’ve reached the golden years of their lives, sometimes, they need an extra hand or two to complete life’s daily tasks.

For someone who’s been handling their own affairs for more than 40-50 years, that’s tough to admit.

It’s an equally difficult decision for a child to seek assistance from a nursing care facility for the care of a parent or elderly loved one. It’s not a decision made in haste nor one looked forward to.

People want to know their loved ones will be in good hands if they are no longer able to provide the care necessary.

That’s why the relationship between nursing home staff, residents and family is of vital importance.

That’s reflected in NNHW’s theme for 2013: Team Care.

The theme recognizes residents and patients in these facilities, along with those who provide their care.

The observance is an opportunity to involve families, community members, youth, and others in a community-wide show of support and respect for these individuals and the staff who provide care or support services, according to the AHCA.

Planned activities throughout the week are designed to stress intergenerational contact, encourage volunteerism by both individuals and community organizations as well as to strengthen familial relationships.

It’s a chance to honor those who contribute to the country’s nursing home facilities: Patients, staff, families and he community.

Local facilities have a host of activities planned throughout the week, ranging from entertainment and other fun activities.

It’s not only meant for honoring those involved but also to continue to get the word out about the benefits of a nursing care facility for those who need its services.

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