Golf carts become an issue

SHADYSIDE – Council members Monday night discussed the age restrictions needed to operate a golf cart within village limits.

Councilman John Tipton brought the issue to council’s attention after seeing numerous children drive golf carts through town. In order to operate a golf cart, the driver must be a licensed driver, as stated in a village ordinance.

The number of golf carts in town has increased. The criteria for golf carts within village limits must meet the same standards as a car with brakes, lights and seat belts.

It was also brought to the attention of council members that residents have reportedly seen youths racing the golf carts within village limits.

Mayor Bob Newhart raised the question whether council can enforce infant car seats on golf carts after seeing operators holding infant children with the cart is in motion.

Councilwoman Connie Gross also brought to council’s attention that children are operating motorized bicycles and scooters on the village’s sidewalks.

“I have noticed that now that we have mild weather that I have seen several young kids out on various motorized-type of vehicles,” said Gross. “I looked at the ordinance and there is an ordinance against riding a motorized bicycle on any sidewalk and I have notice a little girl on a battery- powered scooter. It’s dangerous for these kids.”

“Council wants the children to be careful,” said Newhart who will talk to Police Chief Rusty Patt about making more citizens aware of the village’s rules on operating golf carts and other motorized vehicles.

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