Tressel speaks to students

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Jim Tressel was a great recruiter during his days as a football coach, be it at Baldwin-Wallace College, Youngstown State University or The Ohio State University.

Following his demise in Columbus, the 60-year-old was hired at the University of Akron as Vice President for Strategic Engagement. Part of his duties include preparing high school students for their collegiate experience.

Tressel was in Belmont County Friday afternoon at Ohio University Eastern to speak to Ohio Valley youth about getting ready for their future, should it include college. The event, which lasted nearly one hour, was sponsored by Premiere Bank & Trust and was held in the Health and Physical Education Building.

The topic centered on college readiness.

“I’m here to kind of describe the process of being ready for college,” Tressel told the group of approximately 50 parents and students. “It’s a process that you need to start thinking about at an early age, if college is in your plans.

“It’s not something that you wake up the morning of graduation your senior year in high school and say, “I think I’ll go to college.'”

He said now is a good time to talk to students because they are getting out of school for the summer.

“For some, it’s time that they think about their futures,” he added. “What should they be getting in order and what should they be signing up for class-wise for their next year in high school.”

Tressel explained that life is a journey and, no matter where you are, it’s always healthy to think about what lies ahead.

He had one thing to say to those who aren’t prepared.

“If you don’t get yourself prepared, you’re going to get left behind.”

Tressel, who led Ohio State to the 2002 BCS National Championship, serves on the Premiere Bank & Trust Board of Directors. Through his job at Akron, he’s been able to get out and speak to students all over the northeast portion of the Buckeye State.

The Premier Bank & Trust, which is headquartered in Canton, has a wealth division, which focuses on brokerage, trust investments, which is located in St. Clairsville.

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