Powhatan Pride

POWHATAN POINT pride has surfaced once again. As a result, the southern Belmont County community will have a much more enjoyable and refreshing summer.

The Powhatan pool — like so many others in the Ohio Valley — has been plagued by monetary issues. The problem was so severe, the pool was in jeopardy of not opening this season.

The recreation hub of the community was in need of repairs and painting work. The park district, which oversees its operations, was feeling the effects of government funding cutbacks.

Consequently, the park district and village council were in no position to deliver enough financial assistance to open the pool.

Pool prospects appeared dim.

However, community spirit runs deep in Powhatan. So much so that donations came pouring in from several sources. Residents, private donors and village council all anted up in varying amounts.

Others donated a gallon of paint, which is no small gesture. Pool paint is a special brand, costing as much as $100 a gallon.

The community response was overwhelming.

Now, what was shaping up as a long, hot and pool-less summer in Powhatan Point has been remedied by generosity and caring.

The pool, if all goes well with the needed work, is targeted to open June 15. The Powhatan Point community again showed that where there is a will there is a way.