Dear Editor,

We are concerned on how the elected officials guide the Village of Flushing. Our family is still trying to cope and understand why our 88 year old mother was singled out and put on notice to remove a vehicle that was not in operation! This vehicle was deemed to be junk by the village. The village police went to her house, not once, but twice, to confront her about this vehicle. She was given 2 weeks to remove it. These events upset our mother greatly, to the point where she was not even sleeping at night. She was afraid. This was on Feb. 25, 2013. On March 4, we removed the vehicle. Now the big question is this there are 104 other junk vehicles in this village and to this date no others have been removed or even been asked to be removed.Why? Again, why was an 88 year old widow singled out and unnecessarily stressed?

Members of our family went to a council meeting April 11th and also on May 9th and brought all of this up to the mayor who is the head of the village and the council. We were told there is a junk vehicle ordinance, although it is obsolete. If this is true, by what authority did they approach our mother? Still nothing has been done with the other 104 vehicles. Why? Our mother’s car must have really been a terror for them to single it out.

Take a ride through the entire village of Flushing, street by street, and judge for yourselves. You will be amazed at what you see. Flushing was once a beautiful village, but that was in the past, not now. In addition, the weeds and grass on the property owned by the village in front of our mother’s house is over knee-high deep and has not been cut so far this year. Is this a way to be spiteful to our family for questioning the village’s decision on the vehicle? We are still puzzled over the tactics of this village government, and we are awaiting their next move.

Rod Kovacs

Pat Kovacs

Ken Kovacs