Tea Party Plan

Dear Editor,

The Tea Party/G.O.P. plan has now become known.

The election of 2010 which gave control of the House of Representatives to the Tea Party/G.O.P. Their goal has been to make President Obama a failure i:e: 368 filibusters a record, none of his programs are to be put forward and passed, i:e: jobs, stimulus, middle class and lower class programs and to filibuster his cabinet appointees.

Bring the country to a standstill by convening only 106 days and after the 2012 election to convene only 126 days. Do you feel they deserve their pay for no work? Passing no legislation and institute investigations which they wish will end in the impeachment of President Obama. Their grounds are based on false premises. He is not an American, he is a muslin, has violated the constitution of the country many times, ordered the IRS to investigate the Tea Party, the FBI to seize AP news records, etc.

The impeachment process will tie up the country thereby bringing all functions to a standstill. With the 2014 election near at hand they hope to take control of the Senate and keep control of the house which will enable them to enact their programs.

It may be the time to take a long hard look at what our country is becoming. To hold top offices you must be a WASP i:e: white anglo saxon, protestant. No one of minority origin should hold high office. We must look at what has happened to our country factually. Due to complacency the electorate has allowed those on the fringe to put their ideology forward.

Since President Obama assumed office animosity has been openly shown toward him, Mitch McConnel, announced on the floor of the senate their mission to make this a failed presidency. This sentiment was echoed throughout their whole party.

The country is seeming to revert to its past history of racism and bigotry. Remember when in World War II, we imprisoned those of Japanese ancestry, the military was segregated and after the war when those of Italian ancestry wanted to join the Elks and Moose Lodges even though they were veterans they were black-balled. Those times were not anything to brag about. Do we want those times to return?

We have a party that lost an election but refuses to accept the results and is ignoring this fact by trying to keep the country at a standstill. Those of you who voted for them, do you believe they are doing what you elected them to do?

In closing, we all better face up to one fact that is, we are fortunate and blessed that we were born or live in our country, not a third world country, where we would not have the advantages we are blessed to have. We must all remember that all races and creeds gave their lives to defend our great nation, not just those of WASP ancestry. Look around yourself, do you maybe sense this sentiment is prevalent in your neighborhood?


Alfred Tellitocci