Dear Editor,

I’m writing you this letter on Memorial Day, which reminds me why we are free. May I thank all of you that fought for that freedom. However, it doesn’t seem we have the freedom to walk our dogs on the streets of Martins Ferry without being attacked by someone elses dog and the police to nothing.

My sister is handicapped and is in a wheelchair. The only enjoyment she gets is to walk her little dog. She’s had to call the police three times because a 100 pound rotweiller gets loose and attacks her and her little dog. This time a six year old boy was walking his dog, that obviously got away from him. The police were smart and belittled her by saying “there’s no law stating how old a person should be walking a dog” and did nothing.

Also, I wanted to state that several times we have had to call an ambulance for my sister. They also didn’t treat her with much compassion. When she grasped for air saying, “hurry, I can’t breath,” they told her to “shut up”.

As I rode the elevator with them, pleading, please hurry, she can’t breathe, They said, “Well, we can’t make the elevator go any faster!”

It saddens me to think how discriminating they are being to someone that is handicapped.

I hope that your mother, father, brother or sister is never treated like this.

The world in which we live – sad.


Brenda Wansil

Martins Ferry