School Security

SCHOOL SAFETY has never been more in focus. Unfortunately such heightened awareness has come about from all too-frequent tragedies here in the U.S.

Buckeye Local is one of several school districts in the state that was seeking a levy on the May primary ballot for funding to employ a resource officer. As was the voting trend, Buckeye Local saw its funding request suffer defeat.

To their credit, Buckeye Local Board of Education members remained steadfast in their quest for enhanced district security. A resource officer doesn’t provide absolute protection, but does go a long way in making for safer conditions.

In the wake of the levy setback, the Buckeye Local didn’t languish in defeat; rather, board members went in a different direction and one which may deliver even better results.

The board voted to employ Frank Hoagland to oversee district security.

While his name may not ring a bell, his background resonates with respect and credibility.

The Mingo Junction man is a former U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. Thus, his qualifications are impeccable.

Hoagland’s career as a Navy SEAL makes him undeniably one of the foremost experts in the nation when it comes to assessing safety conditions, possible concerns and developing a series of possible solutions where others see none within reasonable reach.

Hoagland has already begun an assessment of the district’s current resources and how they can best be structured or deployed in advance of the coming school year in an effort to initiate security improvements in the district’s day-to-day operations.

While the majority of Buckeye Local voters saw no need to approve funding for a resource officer, the board of educations should be commended for the deal on a more secure school district.