Dear Editor,

Epidemic is defined as quote – affecting many people at the same time. Yes dear, Ohio Valley folks we have an epidemic.

Most people do not want to talk about it and yet it’s here and it’s killing our kids, our grandchildren and anyone else who dabbles in its addictive terror. And yes, it is terror to those who love and care for these people. I’ve been watching and waiting for the locals to wake up. It’s here and it’s REAL and we are losing the war. The system arrests one and two take his place. It’s big money and lots of it. These addicts are stealing from anyone and everyone. They will DIE to get their FIX. These suppliers or dealers will go any length to maintain there income. The really dangerous ones are those who do not use their own product. They are sober and devious and very, very sick. They don’t CARE who dies and who lives as long as the money continues to roll in. The way the law reads, we can only lock them up. We can’t kill them like they are killing our kids and neighbors.

Just recently a young man I know well, stopped by and asked to borrow some money. This young man has many qualities and I trusted him. I will trust anyone, even more than once because I have HOPE they will change. HE has a drug problem and has been through rehabilitation. This young man gave me a legitimate reason he needed money and stated he would pay me back on Friday, which was payday. It’s been two weeks now and he is a NO show. I pray he is okay and I give him the benefit of the doubt.

A little money is a small price to pay to gain someone’s trust. Everyday we trust in God and we who are blessed to be able to help others in any fashion are sometimes called “enablers.” I will enable anyone to become a better person in God’s eyes. I hope and pray my money has brought this individual a little closer to his bottom so he may seek the help that he needs. WE as law enforcement, grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, can only plant the seed of knowledge to the addicts demoralization process. I believe only GOD saves people, we cannot, but as a community I believe we can do a lot more than what’s being done. GOD does not make JUNK! Every adult, youth or child is OUR responsibility and I hope and pray this “epidemic” somehow draws to a close in the near future. I am tired, sick and tired of watching these kids die because of evil sick people who pray on the weak. We desperately need to change our laws soon, and real soon. Prescription drugs are the new killing fields and its up to us who really CARE to make a difference in these people lives.

God Bless.

Richard Lucas