Dear Editor:

I would like to get in front of the train that is coming our way in Bellaire this fall.

The Bellaire city schools will most likely once again place a raise in our taxes for us to vote on. They will say it is for the kids. They will have a parade in town with the kids holding signs, have billboards up and banners across main street. Before all this happens I would like to point out a few things.

First, our schools were in a very deep hole and they have gotten out of it by means of cutting staff, better money management and better personnel management. Very soon we will be out of this hole we were in. I have to ask, the school board administration, what is going to happen to all the money we were paying off our debt? You see if you pay off a couple million dollar bill in a few years and you now have it paid off where are you planing to spend that now freed up money.

Are you going to give people raises, buy new books, hire new teachers, buy new buses with this, do repairs to the schools? And finally what are the plans if this fails once again. We seem to be doing quite well. The school is becoming a lean operation and should stay that way.

On a second note I feel that the Bellaire police need a raise and this should be on the ballot this fall. They are working for wages slightly higher then working at Subway, dealing with major criminals, breaking up fights, investigating major crimes murder, drugs and most importantly trying to keep us safe at night.

We can not keep our good police force if we do not pay them the proper wage. This November when we vote, I hope we get a chance to vote for this on the levy ballot. This measure also could use the phrase “it is for the kids” and I think it would be more truthful if it was used this way than the way the school district has been using that phrase for the past six times. After all, the children in this village deserve to not have crime and drugs in there neighborhood. Look at all the vandalism done, the drugs, breaking and entering, and everything else that goes on in this sleepy little town that our police force has to deal with.

Ask yourself if we are paying our police force properly. We need to properly fund our police so we can take a round turn on this before we have a real problem.

There is a effort to do a census recount to prove we have enough people in our village to be called a city. This would open up more federal, state money for the village.

If we are truly trying to do and attract people to our town, what would attract more people?

A great school with a high crime rate or low crime and a good school.

Raymond Penyak