Grant may yield handicap improvements in Dillonvale

PERMANENT handicap improvements at the Dillonvale Municipal Building might be made with the help of a grant before the November election, according to discussion at a recent village council meeting.

A representative of the Jefferson County Board of Elections explained to village officials about Polling Place Accessibility Grant funds available to the village since the structure is a public building supported by taxes and is a polling location.

After looking at the handicap location, it was determined the ramp and handrails meet the requirements. The parking area, however, can be improved by adding one or two handicapped spaces with an access aisle to meet certain measurements. Also, a new door needs to be installed, and it should be 32 inches or larger with a lever-style door handle with the weight of the door to be no more than five pounds of force.

Officials were told matching funds are required but there is no set amount, and labor can be used as a substitute for matching funds.

Village officials must sign an agreement with the board of elections to remain a polling location for a specified time period. Officials decided to obtain estimates for the work and turn these over to the board of elections.

According to the discussion, alterations to the polling location should be completed before the November election.

In other matters, council approved a motion for inspecting, testing, rehabilitating and providing new equipment for Water Well No. 1 at a cost of $10,360.

That quotation was received from G.M. Baker & Son, which recommended rehabilitating that well with a new pump and motor and to schedule Well No. 2 for rehabilitation in 2014.

Council at its May meeting had discussed the adoption of a policy for the billing of rental property, and a copy of the Dillonvale-Mount Pleasant Wastewater District’s policy was obtained by the village. After a short discussion, council decided to adopt a policy for garbage and water charges to be billed to all owners of rental property beginning with the Sept. 1 billing period. Past renters before that date will be grandfathered in. The clerk-treasurer was asked to draw up a resolution for council’s next meeting.

Two quotations were received for rewiring five receptacles, new pipe, boxes, devices and covers for the street department garage. Council approved a motion to accept the quote of $1,160 from D&E Electric for this project.

Two quotations were received concerning the street garage roof, and it was decided to seek another estimate. That is being done by Councilman Brad Kurtz.

The transmission went out in the village’s dump truck, and it was towed to Bob’s Transmission in St. Clairsville. The transmission was rebuilt, and there was a warranty on it. The truck is back in operation.

With the lease expiring on the ball field located on Ohio 150, council approved a motion to lease the field again from Art Panepucci for another two years at $1 a year.

According to the recreation committee, the village received a check for $2,659.50 from the county commissioners for 2013, and the money has been allocated to the recreation fund. Officials decided to have a sidewalk put in at the Night Riders Memorial Park to the gazebo, and recreation equipment will be purchased for the gym downstairs. Council expressed appreciation to the commissioners.

A volleyball net and tetherball were ordered for the Dillonvale Community Park The net is up, but the tetherball is on back order.

It also was reported the orange log roll is damaged at the community park, and a 4-inch log costs $406.60 for replacement. The street department was asked to remove it, and plans are to apply next year for funding to replace it.

Under suspension of rules, council adopted a resolution to amend the annual appropriation ordinance because of changes in actual resources received.

The second reading was given to a resolution for placing a renewal levy for current expenses on the ballot.

Mayor Michele Dulesky reported the Highland Cemetery board has hired John’s Lawn Service, Cadiz, to finish the year out for grass-cutting at the cemetery.

Giving a report from the Jefferson County Regional Planning Commission, Councilwoman Trisha Painter reported the demolition of a village property is going to take a little longer than stated previously. The committee’s next meeting will be June 26.

Councilwoman Carla Heskett gave a list from the beautification committee to the police department, noting a lot of the properties listed are abandoned and foreclosed. Police Chief Scott Christian indicated he would check about getting help from the county for cutting grass and weeds on the properties.

Christian reported trees and shrubs overhanging the streets in one area. The mayor’s court clerk was asked to send letters to the homeowners.

The estimated budget for 2014 has been submitted to council, and the official certificate of estimated resources will be submitted to the county budget commission. Council approved the estimated 2014 budget totaling $867,851.51.

Mayor’s court receipts for May totaled $976 with $633 going to the village, $70 to the computer fund, $10.50 to the Ohio Independent Alcohol Fund and $262.50 to the state.

Council’s next regular meeting will be July 8 at 6 p.m. in the municipal building.