In one of my previous tirades, I mentioned the fact that the current president is a product of the Chicago political system. However, I didn’t go into the details regarding the meaning of the Chicago political system.

First and foremost it is one of the if not the most corrupt city governments in this country. The Chicago political system is a one party system dominated by a political boss-controlled Democratic Party political machine that has seized power and exerts control to continue political domination.

This type of a system inherently breeds corruption. To maintain the control various forms of coercion and “arm twisting” are used. Bribery, pay-offs and kickbacks are quite common. In addition it is notorious for operating in secret. Anything goes when it comes to maintaining control or silencing enemies a.k.a. political opponents or anyone who disagrees. It should also be noted that Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the U.S. and also one of the highest murder rates.

Now let’s look at the record of the current president. Remember the Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker Kickback associated with the passage of Obamacare? Louisiana received an additional 300 million in Medicaid funding and Nebraska received $100 million to obtain the vote of two Democratic senators who were wavering on voting for the bill. Don’t tell me that isn’t just plain bribery.

Consider the Solyndra affair. This so called “green energy” company that went belly up after receiving $535 million in stimulus loans. It just so happens that Solyndra’s largest shareholder donated $53,000 dollars to the current president’s 2008 campaign. Shareholders and executives of Solyndra have donated or fundraised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the current administration. Sure smells like kickbacks to me.

Now let’s look at the anything goes category. First I can cite the use of the Internal Revenue Service to harass and punish the Tea Parties and other conservative groups. Using a department of government to harass and punish is a typical Chicago tactic. How about the Justice Department obtaining the phone records of Fox News and A.P. reporters without sufficient cause. This violates both the First and Fourth Amendments i.e. freedom of the press and unreasonable search and seizure. The current president didn’t know anything about these actions. Yeah, right. If anyone is naive enough to believe this, I have a bridge in Brooklyn N.Y. I would like to sell them.

Let’s not forget all the electronic snooping the NSA is doing in the name of national security? The NSA was established to monitor electronically foreign governments considered hostile to the U.S. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However when they began indiscriminate surveillance of American citizens, it becomes a different story. It violates both the right to privacy and fourth amendment rights.

The average American has no comprehension regarding the surveillance capability of the NSA concerning cell phones and computers. To the NSA any computer connected to the internet is an open book. They can collect email, chat, videos, photos, stored data, file transfers, video conferencing, logins etc. Cell phones are a piece of cake.

So what does all this mean? I will give my opinion. First and foremost, I do not trust the current president and his cronies. Their ongoing anti gun policies are designed to ultimately disarm all law abiding American citizens.

They have the IRS to harass and enforce and the NSA. to monitor anybody or everybody that uses a cell phone or the internet. Last but not least they have Homeland Security, which is morphing into a national police force, for control and subjugation. To understand the end result I suggest reading or rereading George Orwell’s 1984. Apparently I am not alone in this thinking. As a result of recent revelations, Amazon reports an 85 % increase in sales of this novel and “Big Sis” denies the existence of an Orwellian state.

Richard Michael

St. Clairsville