Switzerland of Ohio to go for another levy

WOODSFIELD – The Switzerland of Ohio Local School District will put another levy on the November ballot. The passing of this levy would mean the end to the hiring freeze and would bring back several programs and positions that were eliminated.

“The most important item to come before the board is we will be placing a levy back on the ballot to generate funds so that we can operate in a positive and successful manner,” said Switzerland of Ohio Local School Superintendent Larry Elliott. “We are doing more with less next year, and it is imperative that we get additional funding.”

Several cuts and changes have been made so that the district will have money to operate. Elliott also said during his superintendent’s report at Thursday’s meeting of the school board that he fears the district’s cuts might have gone too deep. With that, the board would revisit several of these decisions.

The superintendent added that he, the board and the staff are more than willing to sit down and evaluate the district’s staffing and curriculum needs, noting there are a couple of areas that may need to be revisited.

One of the areas to which Elliott was referring was the French program, one of those cut when the levy failed in May. Students who want to graduate with honors cannot without the remaining courses that are necessary.

It was decided that the board would hire back two French teachers that would allow these students to receive honors. No new students will be permitted to take the classes and only French 2, 3 and 4 will be offered. Along with two French teachers, the board also will have one social worker and district carrier jobs openings. The board will also have a talented and gifted job opening. Elliott is currently looking into federal funding for the TAG post.

Another issue that was brought to the board’s attention is the sports eligibility grade point average. The current policy states that the minimal GPA that a student athlete needs to participate in high school athletics is a 1.52, which is a D-plus average. The board will address this in a special meeting held June 28 at 8 a.m. The meeting will be an open meeting.

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