Ferry cop power lifting gold

MARTINS FERRY – The police department has a powerhouse in the ranks with three gold medals to his credit.

Officer George Shreve brought honors home to Martins Ferry when he competed with other law enforcement officers at the 2013 Police and Fire Games at Oberlin on June 14.

Powerlifting is a competitive strength sport determined by the highest total amount of weight lifted between the squat, bench press and deadlift.

“At the games, I managed to complete a 625 lb squat, 400 lb bench and 540 lb deadlift for a total of 1545 lbs. This total was enough to secure a first place in the 275 lb weight class, winning gold and setting a meet record.”

A push-pull competition is the combined amount between the highest bench and deadlift. The total for the push-pull was 940, again gaining the gold and setting a meet record.

For a third event, the bench alone was chosen. The 400 lb earned Shreve a third gold and another meet record. A final bench attempt of 425 was missed.

This was Shreve’s fourth time participating in the Ohio Police and Fire Games, an annual event which is open to all branches of full time police and fire services. This meet brought in his 11th overall gold.

He noted the comraderie and the joy of the sport that is evident in every meet and that keeps bringing him back to compete.

“My motivation is far medal winning or record chasing. The event is flat out fun, with a great atmosphere and camaraderie between the participants, and a great motivator for staying strong outside the gym, in blue and on the street. This event also marks my return to competitive powerlifting after a four-year hiatus, so bigger and better things should be in store for future meets,” he said.

“To me it’s fun and more you versus yourself than other guys. It’s easy to not have any pressure that way. I just have to do better than I did the last time,” he said, adding that people of various ages and walks of life compete.

“The best thing about power lifting, and it was evident in this meet and in any other meet that I do, is that all walks of life do it,” he said.

Other local areas also participated in the meet, including Toronto Police Officer Derrick Piatt and Federal Railroad Officer Tyler Holland, both training partners of Shreve. Also competing was Leon Stinson, veteran power lifter and retired Steubenville police officer.

Information for the games, including upcoming events, past results and records can be found at www.theohiopoliceandfiregames.org

Currently, Shreve is preparing for a charity meet during the Arnold Classic Qualifier in Cleveland. He is collecting a penny a pound, with a goal of $2,000 and $900 currently collected. Funds raised will benefit the Homeless Children Education Fund in Allegheny County. To contact Shreve and donate, contact gshreve@martinsferrypd.com

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