Moral Decay


I am going to ask you a simple question.

Do you believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God? If you don’t, than you can cease reading this if you wish. If you do believe it is God’s word and all of it is true than why are you not taking a stand against the moral decay that is quickly overtaking this country. As a Christian we must remember that above all that God is holy. He will not tolerate sin.

He will not tolerate evil. Christians know the basic ten commandments…the “thou shalt”, but where does it say in scripture that we should “tolerate and accept” adultery, abortion, homosexuality, etc.

I see no scripture that says we should accept these things as normal. The Bible condemns them all. For the homosexual who pushes their lifestyle and condemns the Christian as a bigot I would suggest you read 1st Corinthians chapter 6 verse 9. and repent. Oh, I forgot, but we are modern man. There are no absolute truths in the Bible and everything is moral relativism. Really!

I was a political science and history major in college and I had a professor tell me that every great empire commits three errors on there way to being thrown on the dust heap of history:

1. They become morally depraved

2. They become a great debtor nation

3. If the Bible is true and he believed it was…they turned their back on the Jewish people.

As a nation, we are batting a thousand on all three events.

So let me ask you as a Christian?

Are you getting worried? Christianity is being frowned on everyday. The military is moving as quickly away from the teachings of the Bible as they can. Children are growing with little if any moral code as well as no fathers. Homosexuality and abortion is being pushed. People have thrown marriage out the window. Why should God bless America anymore? Why should we expect Him to hear our prayers as a nation when we deny His absolute truths.

So next time a bunch of babies are killed at a elementary school or a crazed bomber blows up a city street or terrorist start lighting wildfires in the west. Do God a favor. Leave him alone America.

He has tried so hard to get through to us with the towers destruction, the fiscal debacle, loss of good wages and manufacturing jobs, the downfall of Detroit, the gangs of Chicago, tornados, droughts, hurricanes etc. telling us that basically if you don’t want me as your God than I will back away and let my hedge of protection go and you can pray to all those false gods of money, power, self love, man made government, homosexuality, abortion, adultery, violence, slander, gossip, and most of all Christians “Tolerance” and all the rest that you honor at your daily alter of life.