JB Green Team helping to clean up Eastern Ohio

THE PASSAGE of House Bill 592 in 1988 required counties in Ohio to create a soild waste management district.

The counties had a choice to create their own or join forces with another county.

It was in 1989 when Jefferson County and Belmont County came together and created the Jefferson-Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority (JBRSWA). In 2011, the JBRSWA created a recycling program under the name of the JB Green Team.

“The constant growth of the program is to complete with the state agenda with school, community and events … has been very effective and good,” said Cliff Meyers, executive director.

Currently, the board is working on several plans for the future.

JB Green Team offers programs and services to residents and businesses in both Jefferson and Belmont counties. There are currently drop-off containers in 37 communities and a curbside program in Powhatan Point.

A waste paper recycling containers are placed at participating businesses and schools to collect paper and cardboard. The schools receives funds from the program.

Along with these programs, JB Green Team holds annual events so that residents can dispose of more hazardous items such as chemicals, paints and batteries. The event is open to all residents and alternates between both counties every year.

JB Green Team also offers E-cycling collection sites, which has times available to drop off items and for residents only. In the spring and summer months larger items such as furniture, tires and large junk items are collected.

More information about site locations, events and programs can be found on www.jbgreenteam.org.