Shadyside Council ups part-time hours

SHADYSIDE – Shadyside Council voted to up the part-time hours of the street department from 30 hours to 35 hours. This will be effective on July 1 and will be temporary.

The hike in hours will help the street department

“It will help, believe me it will help,” said Street Commissioner Jay Meek. “The more time I get, the better off I am.”

The condition of Hillview Park was also brought to council’s attention by Councilwoman Connie Gross. According to Gross there has been several comments on the website Facebook concerning Hillview Park.

“I agree with some of the comments,” said Gross. “I had went to a picnic at Hillview Park … I was really surprised by the condition of Hillview Park and I think we ought to try to do something.”

Meek agreed with Gross and pointed out a few of the problems, such as the road and the amount of trees that fall during the storms.

“In the past, there was one guy dedicated to Hillview, that was all he did,” said Meek. “I agree with you, it’s truly been a mess and a nightmare, to be honest with you. It’s actually just personnel and time … It’s a shame, because (Hillview Park) is a nice place.

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