Knight Letter

Dear Editor,

A letter to the editor in the Sunday edition of your newspaper, authored by Mr. Dwain Knight, was very interesting and stated the facts regarding the present state of our nation and our leadership within. Thanks to Mr. Knight for his frankness and research of these presented facts.

Mr. Knight, I will also await a response from the liberal faction, with the hope that every issue will be addressed and not some political reply from the Obama supporters.

I would like to address another issue of interest. This past week, our sitting President once again turned on our nations coal producers, threatening thousands of jobs, and in particular in our area where coal is about the only industry we have left. Not long after his speech condemning our coal industry, whats he do?

Jumps on Air Force One with his family, mother in;law and family dog for a 40-50 Million dollar tax payers paid vacation to his homeland of Africa.

Another issue that should be of interest to all Americans is the incident of November, 2009, close to 4 years ago. I refer to the Muslim army officer who murdered 13 soldiers and wounded 32 others at Fort Hood, Texas. This guy was and still is a terrorist, and we do not negoitiate with terrorists, or do we?

This murderer has had free room and board, so to speak for about 4 years, again on tax payers $ Are the flunkies in Washington holding up a Military Court martial?

Questions, questions, questions which will probably never be answered.

Again, thanks Mr. Knight and The Times Leader for putting in print what a lot of Americans are thinking.

God Bless, we need it.

James B. Piatt