Another levy try in Bellaire

BELLAIRE – The Bellaire Village School District is hosting a special meeting of its board of education Monday at 6 p.m. in the board office.

A number of topics are up for discussion, including an executive session to discuss the employment of personnel and negotiations.

A technology update will be given and additional business may be discussed.

But the topic on the mind’s of many, which is also included on the meeting’s agenda, will be discussion of yet another levy attempt.

Six, count them six attempts have been during the last few elections at increasing funding in the district

Tax levies, aimed at property owners, and income tax increases, aimed at the working public, have both been brought before district voters.

All have failed.

The most recent attempt, during the primary election in May, saw a 8.25 mill levy defeated 1,035 to 836.

The previous attempt, during the Nov. 2012 presidential general election, saw a tax levy defeated 2,463 to 1,843.

It seemed both the yes voters, and the no voters stayed home in droves during May.

When votes were tabulated, the levy was actually in front by a narrow margin, 16 votes to the good. But once the absentee ballots were tabulated, a similar outcome repeated itself.

“We knew it would be a low voter turnout,” Superintendent Tony Scott had said after hearing the vote total back in May. “It was the only thing on the ballot. But we only garnered 836 yes votes and we had 1,800 in November, so it was disappointing.

“We’ll have to sit down with the board and figure out what our next step will be.”

That discussion will be undertaken during Monday’s meeting.

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