Painting honors Bellaire viaduct

BELLAIRE – “Under the Arches” of the Great Stone Viaduct is the name given to the second in the series of watercolor prints of scenes of this historic structure commissioned by the Great Stone Viaduct Historical Education Society.

The watercolor artist is Joanne Cochran Sullivan, and Paul Cramer owns the post card used for the watercolor painting. Both are trustees of the society, which is sponsoring the watercolor series of prints. The 1910 post card is a photograph of how that area appeared.

One significant change from 1910 is on Union Street where the last pier was lowered to accommodate new reinforced steel girders not a part of the original bridge. The billboard on the arch in the foreground contains a notice of the showing of the movie, “The White Squaw,” at the Columbia Theater located on 33rd Street in Bellaire.

This watercolor is free to all charter and sustaining members of the GSV Society, and these will be distributed to each member within the next two weeks. Others wishing to purchase the print should visit the GSV Society website at where sizes and prices can be viewed before placing an order.

The first watercolor of the series titled, “The Last Train,” is still available for those wishing to collect the entire series of watercolor prints and can be ordered online

The Great Stone Viaduct Historical Education Society is an Ohio non-profit corporation chartered in 2012, and its goal “is to promote the rich local history of the village of Bellaire and surrounding area, and to provide educational opportunities for others to learn and experience that history through a variety of activities sponsored by the society. The society has chosen the ‘Great Stone Viaduct’ for its name since this iconic stone arcade bridge structure is associated with Bellaire, Ohio, and the rich railroad history of the community.”

The board of trustees consists of 12 members who have combined their talents and expertise to forge a solid commitment to meet the challenges, yet accomplish the educational and preservation goals of the society.

Serving on the current board of trustees are attorney Daniel Frizzi Jr., chairperson; Larry Siebieda, vice chairperson; James Cochran, treasurer; Lillian Siebieda, secretary, Paul Cramer, William Kasko, Erica Keller, Jack McKeever, Nancy Derry Merryman, Stanley Stewart, Joanne Sullivan and James Williams.