Heinous Crimes

SOME CRIMES are more senseless than others.

Eastern Ohio, unfortunately, has been victim to a pair of deplorable acts recently.

Last week, a woman reported that her father’s grave at Riverview Cemetery in Martins Ferry fell victim to thieves. A cross that adorned the grave was stolen. That crime is simply despicable. How could someone be so cold?

Over the weekend, vandals reared their ugly heads in Maynard. As a result, the ballfield at the community park suffered extensive damage. The dastardly deed placed the use of the field for the Ohio Valley Baseball League playoff finals in jeopardy.

Maynard is a community steeped in a rich and successful baseball tradition. Its OVBL entry is facing off with Lafferty for another league championship.

The field is owned by the Maynard Volunteer Fire Department. The VFD takes great pride in it and superb care of it. The field is one of the nicest in the entire Ohio Valley

Unfortunately, some renegades decided to do doughnuts with their vehicle in the outfield. Much damage was done.

Again, another senseless act.

This is not the first time the field has fallen victim to vandals. That is even more disturbing.

The Maynard Volunteer Fire Department is offering a $2,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. The VFD should be commended for its commitment to the community as well as its quest for justice.

We urge anyone with knowledge concerning either crime to please let the authorities know. We also urge upon arrest and conviction that the stiffest penalties be imposed.