Dear Editor,

Tell met they are not “Serious” about ending coal production in our nation.

Coal mines have been around since the beginning of time. Man has used fossil fuel to heat, manufacture and several other uses for what seems forever. Coal is as apple pie and baseball are to our society and to just up and decide we no longer need it is just ignorant.

Before long we will also be barred from burning wood. The financial impact to our local economy will be staggering. Everyone I know here in the Ohio Valley has an uncle, brother, father, sister, or cousin who works the coal fields and mines. Coal is our last economic income and good income. These folks risk their lives everyday deep in the earth and around dangerous high walls to provide for us affordable energy.

Any MONEY you have left over each month, if any, you are blessed enough to have, will now go to your electric bill. If you think hard times are here now, just wait … poverty is just around the bend. I guess candles and kerosene will be the new normal for a lot of us who live pay day to pay day. I believe it is now time for US to get “serious” and get “serious” soon. The war on coal is REAL as it’s going to get and We The People have to band together if we are to maintain our lifestyle and not just survive from one dollar to the next. A few years back I wrote this in honor of our miners.

“A Legacy of Coal”

From Lafferty to Bannock to Fairpoint on down,

From Midway to Maynard, coal mines were found.

To Crescent to Barton to Blaine down below,

Company houses, hundreds in a row.

Grandpa and Daddy, they all worked the coal,

The blackdamp, explosions, all took their toll.

Mommy would worry, but Daddy would Smile.

I Love You, darling, I’ll be back in a while.

Into the darkness with shovel and pick,

We placed in the coal yards, a ball and a stick.

The whistle would echo, the start of a shift,

When Daddy came home, Mom’s spirit did lift.

A lifetime of labor to a country we love,

Miners makes a difference with God’s help from above.

Why are things changing? Why no respect?

What has happened to the people we elect?

My memories so vivid, just living our goal,

God Bless America, a legacy of coal.

Richard A. Lucas