St. C. BOE eyes new food service

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – The St. Clairsville-Richland Board of Education has been busy at work throughout the summer as it prepares for the upcoming school year.

Topping the agenda are updates concerning the construction on the elementary school roof, which is near the midway point, and big changes for students in the cafeteria.

After researching several companies to contract for food service in the schools, the district has begun to move forward with AVI Food Systems. Going with this option allows an upgraded front for the students and to keep the employment situation how it has been for the past few years.

District Treasurer Amy Porter has been working with school officials to investigate which options are feasible and selecting the best food option.

“We hope to move forward with AVI which brings more of a food court and signature setting to the table. With five sections of homemade style foods, we hope to satisfy the large portion of our students needs,” Porter explained.

“Right now, our participation is somewhat low. We hope to raise that. We have talked to other schools in central Ohio that have had much success with AVI,” continued Porter.

Superintendent Walt Skaggs and his staff have been debating many of these options which will prevent the district from losing money as it has been for the past couple years. “We appreciate all the efforts of our administration and union in trying to get us a program there that will fit everyone,” Skaggs pointed out.

Meanwhile, huge scholarship efforts have been in the works with more than 25 local entities lending their helping hand by funding the Barb Jeffries Scholarship Fund.

“(Barb) has touched so many lives through the years and we are really glad to see the success of the scholarship fund.” said board member, Mike Fador.

Buses around the district were inspected and are ready for the upcoming school year. The district will also be hosting training for the ALICE program for school safety.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Aug. 14 at 7 a.m.

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