Guns In Schools

SCHOOL SAFETY is at a premium. All-too frequent shootings have spawned both an environment of fear as well as protectionism within the halls of academia.

School districts across the nation are pondering ways in which to make their respective buildings safer havens for their students and staffers.

Resource officers are a popular option, but carry a costly price tag. Many school districts cannot afford to pay the required salaries. Many have sought levies to generate the funding, often times meeting rejection.

An alternative option has been bandied about. That being having staff members carry concealed weapons. That is a bold move, but one that a nearby school system is implementing.

Newcomerstown schools in Tuscarawas County recently approved a measure that will allow staff members to carry firearms on school property. It’s a decision designed to increase student safety.

The board opted to go that route only after receiving strong showing of support from a community citizens group. If that support was lacking, it would be a tough call to pull the trigger on enacting such a policy.

When parents send their children off to school each day, safety is of paramount importance. A safe academic environment is not too much to ask for.

The question remains whether gun-toting teachers create that setting. More guns may yield more problems, especially if not in the hands of proper personnel.

We hope Newcomerstown schools never have to make use of the new policy.

But should it be tested, we hope the board made the right call.