Macy’s remodeling underway

ST. CLAIRSVILLE The addition of Boscov’s Department Store to the Ohio Valley Mall has brought about a multitude of changes.

Stores like Books-a-Million, Victoria’s Secret and the Shoe Department have moved locations, often times into ones boasting larger square footage inside the mall.

Others, like Raven Rock Workwear, have moved to locations surrounding the main mall complex.

Boscov’s needed a lot of room 180,000 square feet of it in fact. That’s more than allotted when Levin Furniture vacated the site of the former J.C. Penney. They needed that Levin’s space to expand, hence all the moves.

But relocation isn’t the only major changes that were ushered in with the Boscov’s announcement.

Stores like Macy’s, in anticipation of a new anchor store, are stepping up their game.

A hallmark of the former J.C. Penney and now Macy’s stores was the extensive cosmetics department greeting potential customers from the entrance to the store that faces the main mall concourse.

Now, racks upon racks of children’s clothing are displayed in that portion of the store as the cosmetics counters have been pushed back deeper into the store.

That’s been done to make way for numerous renovations to Macy’s 100,000 square-foot space.

There will be more than minor changes to Macy’s once renovation work is complete. This is a full-on store refresh.

New flooring, wall treatments, paint and additional lighting are part of the plan, as well as a reconfiguration of the aisles to improve traffic flow and lines of sight.

Much of the middle section of the store is blocked off from view as the work is being done.

It’s a minor inconvenience now, but one that will pay dividends done the road once the store’s refreshing is complete.

Macy’s officials stated the renovations should be done for the holiday shopping season.

Speaking of which, the MC Sports location, located next to Sears, is coming along. Like Boscov’s, the storefront is concealed from curious eyes as construction continues. But soon, MC Sports, which offers a full-line of sporting gear, equipment and clothing, will be open as well.

A recent change to the main concourse is that the mall features just one Game Stop, no longer two.

There is still a game stop over at the Ohio Valley Plaza, as well as one located at The Highlands for local residents’ gaming needs.

But no more will there be two Game Stops located less than 1,000 feet away from one another.

Originally, Babbage’s was located in the site that currently sits next to Lids.

Down the walkway and across from King’s Jewelers sat Electronics Boutique (EB Games) two stores with nearly identical product lines but different companies.

Babbage’s was re-opened as a GameStop. Then, when GameStop and EB Games merged, the EB Games at the mall, in essence, became GameStop II

Now, only the former EB games turned GameStop remains.

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