More Zombies

Dear Editor

In response to Zombie Vote by sitting council person Piatt:

Thank you for taking the time to write a letter to the Times Leader about the Zombie Festival in Aug 2014.

Mr. Piatt used the word DUPED. Well I agree with you, councilperson. The last council meeting you were DUPED by the “knowledgeable citizens” who were misinformed or plain negligent in their reporting to council.

If you were to read the page you would have noticed a posting which included a number of items like the FACT that we also noticed the list of movies that was suggested for viewing and that we had questions of the vendor as to the rating as well as the appropriate use of R rated movies.

You also were DUPED into believing that zombies were Demons (per the other article) which is not true.

This is going to be a kid friendly event which also has people from all ages attending.

This information would of course been available to you if you were to have followed the 1st motion and tabled this until representatives from the Zombie board could have been heard.

That will happen at the next council meeting on Event Date: August 15, 2013 Every first and third Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. in council chambers.

“After hearing these facts and comments, council, without delay, called for a vote to repeal the previous motion which was passed by all members.”

Is also factually untrue as councilwoman Lou Ann Bennett placed a resounding “NO” to the last approval vote as well as there was another motion presented that “it would be tabled” until the next meeting for clarification at the next meeting.

So while I appreciate your posting in the paper, councilman I believe you should look at the facts of the matter and decide why a vote was necessary that night to remove permission for an event that is a year away also from use of a public park in the village of Bellaire, Ohio.

Pressure upon you from a few people does not equal the correct decision. And the event is already moving forward and on Aug 2, 2014 the village of Bellaire will be “ZOMBIEFEID”, demon orgy people need not apply!

Dan Brown