Molding Youth

KARA BRIGHT excelled as an educator and as a coach. Bright was also a visionary.

Bright made an impact on countless student-athletes during his days in the Buckeye Local School District. Thanks to his vision, Bright, who died some eight years ago, is still making a positive impact.

The Brightway Center is located in Wells Township, near Rayland. The Jefferson County facility is a haven for teaching youth positive life lessons. The center staged its inaugural “Day of Champions” Friday. The event attracted some 60 participants. They were treated to a menu of physical and intellectual competition that translated into developing leadership and motivational skills.

Teams moved from activity to activity as the program played out. In the process, the teams meshed together to foster camaraderie and build friendships.

Daryle Griffin is Brightway’s president and CEO. He and his staff of dedicated staffers are perpetuating Bright’s vision. Bright donated his 177-acre farm to the establishment of this character-molding venture.

The Brightway Center came into existence in 1997 and is still a work in progress. Griffin notes that the center’s programming focuses on three key areas: mind, body and spirit.

Center officials are embarking on an ambitious 20-year project. If successful, it will transform the property into a state-of-the-art facility, featuring cottages, a recreational pond, Olympic-size swimming pool, auditorium and athletic fields.

It all adds up to providing our youths with an opportunity at a Bright future.