New look at Barnesville McDonald’s

BARNESVILLE – Fresh new look; same great taste.

Customers of the McDonald’s restaurant in Barnesville were recently treated to a redesign of the location’s interior.

The dining room received a contemporary look to its upgrade, although, Ross Stoltz, owner/operator of this and other locations throughout the Ohio Valley, noted the was successful in lobbying corporate to include some local touches to the redesign.

“I wanted to be able to localize this location,” Stoltz said. “It’s a smaller community and I wanted to be able to give it some local touches.

“There is a list of seating styles, colors and graphics to choose from and one of the (graphics) selections was a generic map of an unnamed city.”

Stoltz successfully got the map localized and in the back section of the restaurant, customers will be able to pick out there homes and local landmarks on a map of Barnesville.

Another local touch can be found upon entering the restaurant.

The wall facing the main door depicts the names of key streets, landmarks and events within the Barnesville village limits.

“That was another concession I got (corporate) to make,” Stoltz said. ‘”The graphic, along with the mural, gives residents something that they will identify with.”

Another addition to the Barnesville store is the facility now has the tandem drive-thru system, enabling multiple orders to be taken at once to improve service times and cut down on lines.

It’s a welcome update as the Barnesville location as one of the few that still utilized the face-to-face ordering system.

“This store has a high drive-thru percentage of customers and it has increased every year,” Stoltz said.

Work began at the location shortly after Jamboree in the Hills on July 22. The dining room reopened two weeks later on Aug. 2.

This isn’t the first McDonald’s under Stoltz’s leadership to undergo a interior revamp.

The Elm Grove, Warwood and The Highlands’ locations in Ohio County, along with the St. Clairsville store have all been updated.

A full update and expansion is slated for later in the year at the Bellaire store.

In conjunction with the redesign, McDonald’s in Barnesville is offering special deals starting Sunday.

  • Sunday: Buy one dessert, get one of the same free.
  • Monday: Buy one McCafe Mocha, get one free.
  • Tuesday: From 4-8 p.m., buy one, get one free on the new Quarter Pounder burger.
  • Wednesday: Free newspaper during breakfast hours only and from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., a free cookie.
  • Thursday: Buy one, get one large soft drink.
  • Friday: Free fry Friday. All customers will receive a coupon for a free small fry during their next visit.
  • Saturday: Buy one, get one free hot cakes and sausage.

Also, Saturday, families and children can come to the restaurant at 11:30 a.m. to enjoy a visit with Ronald McDonald. Customers may also enter a drawing to win a giant 48-inch stuffed Coca-Cola bear, now through Saturday.

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