Motocross popularity rises

The first thing anyone can hear upon entering the Belmont County Fair is the revving of motocross bikes and the announcers across the loud speaker. Pass the food stands, rides and food stands, the fair board has built a 1.2 mile motocross track.

The motocross was added to the fairs agenda four years and has been very successful since. The fair board follows the American Motorcycles Association rules and regulations for classes and races.

“This year we are running with the Ohio Motocross Association (OMA),” said Ed Campbell, who oversees the motocross. “Everything we do is under the OMA. It’s a chance to get more bikes in the area and people from different areas.”

According to Campbell the turn out this year is two to three times bigger then last year. The popularity of the motocross is continuously growing and getting bigger every year.

“(The motocross) was just an adventure to bring in more money to the fair grounds and help build the fair … It was slow at first,” Campbell said.

The motocross ran on Saturday from 10:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. with about 14 races. The races included all classes with ages ranging from three years old kids to 60 year olds adults.

“This has grown to be on of the most popular tracks around,” said Ron Ault, who is a fair board director. “We are starting to pull (riders) in from all over … and everyone has had positive feedback for us about the track.”

According to Director Malissa Campbell, the community has really been supportive and instrumental in helping the motocross grow. Volunteers have worked tirelessly on the upkeep of the track. One of the biggest problem that they have to battle is the dust, especially when its hot and dry.

“We get a lot of help, like the tractor we have out here was donated by D and J Tractor supplies and Keysters. The local and surrounding businesses have helped us out … They have been supportive.”

More information can be found on the OMA website and on their facebook page.

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