Wayne Homes opens in Belmont

BELMONT – Wayne Homes now has a field office in the Ohio Valley.

The company, in operation since 1973, has been building quality homes in the Ohio Valley for quite some time.

But its customers previously were forced to drive great lengths to view some of the companies full-size home models at their various locations.

That is no longer an issue and one of the main reasons that Wayne opted to move into the area on a more permanent basis.

“We heard the calls from customers who were traveling an hour or more to visit one of our offices to make a purchase,” said Mike Leckie-Ewing, Vice President of Organizational Development for Wayne Homes. “From there, referrals generated more and more interest in volume.”

That drive is essential for potential customers, especially in terms of new home construction.

Looking at floor plans, even in a conceptualized 3-d model are nice. But being able to step into a full-sized representation of what your future home may look like can help seal the deal.

Just how important is it?

“It’s huge! Research shows that nearly 70 percent of the population cannot read a plan and accurately translate it into 3D,” Leckie-Ewing said. “Even if the model that we show doesn’t exactly fit a customer’s idea, we use the room sizes in the model to make comparisons. It really helps the customer build an imagine in their mind.”

While Wayne Homes will use a number of contractors from their home base in Northeast Ohio, being located locally now, they will start to utilize more and more local contractors for work.

“We’ll use a blended approach,” Leckie-Ewing said. “Our focus is to maintain the utmost quality and we’re most confident in the Trade Partners that we’ve long-standing relationships with.

“However, we always look to integrate local craftsmen into the mix. They bring a fresh perspective and, with the support of our existing partners, can grow to support Wayne Homes locally.”

Wayne Homes handles the build of the home from start to finish, insuring the new homeowners get exactly what they want out of the biggest purchase they will ever make.

They also utilize an added bonus to satisfy their customers – the completion date guarantee.

“It’s very important. Your move in is a critical target,” Leckie-Ewing said. “People make plans, hire moves – it can be an expensive proposition if we miss the date.

“By committing to make it and backing it with $500, we feel the pressure too.”

While Wayne puts out a quality product, it’s not the homes themselves that set the company apart.

Its New Home Consultants take the time to understand the “why” of a new home, before building it on paper with each customer.

It’s draftspeople review each plan with the customer in mind, helping to clarify any changes and offering suggestions to improve the build.

The field managers work with each owner and numerous Trade Partners to insure that it comes together seamlessly.

“There are often hiccups along the way – we work together to solve them,” Leckie-Ewing said. “Finally, our warranty team follows up to make sure that we continue to meet our commitment to quality.

“The true difference is in the depth of the relationship between Wayne Homes and the customer at each level of the process.”

The Belmont County New Home Center is located at 66962 Belmont-Morristown Road in Belmont. For directions, hours or to schedule an appointment, visit the Wayne Homes website at www.waynehomes.com or call (866) 996-3860.